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Domain Name Registration
A Domain Name is an address on the Internet. For example, www.fullestop.co.uk is a domain name.
The only characters allowed in a Domain Name are the 26 letters of the standard alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). A Domain cannot begin or end with a hyphen, but it can contain a hyphen. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also know as ICANN serves as the governing body for Domain Name registration. ICANN is currently allowing up to 67 characters in including the .com, .net, or .org.
No, if a Domain Name is not available you cannot register the Domain Name. In many cases the Domain Name is under contract even if it appears to be available.
The organization or the person listed in the "Whois" as the Registrant is considered the owner for the length of the contract period.
Your Domain Name will be registered to reside on fullestop.co.uk Domain Name Servers
If you have misspelled your Domain Name you will need to submit a new registration. Once your new name is registered you may find it useful to point the misspelled name to the corrected name to ensure that you receive the maximum visitors to your site, especially if this is a common misspelling.
Yes, to cancel your Domain Name you must provide written authorization to cancellations@fullestop.co.uk from the e-mail address of the registered owner of the Domain Name.

Important Note: You will NOT receive a refund if you choose to cancel your Domain Name.
In the organization name field, please use your own name. It is not acceptable to leave the field blank or enter the words none, personal, home, or N/A.
You need to request a "Change of Ownership" form by e-mailing hostmaster@fullestop.co.uk .
fullestop.co.uk provides personalized service to walk you through the steps required in order to redelegate your Domain Name(s) to fullestop.co.uk's name servers (how a Domain Names moves between hosting companies).

Please call us on 91-141-5113100 or e-mail hostmaster@fullestop.co.uk . We will provide you with the information you need to make a smooth transition.
fullestop.co.uk will charge the credit card that you submitted when you ordered any domain name(s)
At this time we are accepting most major credit cards which include: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club and some Indian credit cards. Another way is to transfer the money from your bank account to our bank account through wire transfer.

For details please View Our Payment Options
Yes, you can pay fullestop.co.uk from your country.

For details please View Our Payment Options
To update your contact information please login to your control panel.
Please contact our Sales Team at sales@fullestop.co.uk or call at 91-141-5113100, our Web Site Consultants can assist you in determining the best plan for your needs.
Yes. You can host your domain on fullestop.co.uk servers. Kindly check the hosting plan which best suites your need. Click here to know more about our hosting plans.

For further information or any assistance please contact our Sales Team at sales@fullestop.co.uk or call at 91-141-5113100, our Web Site Consultants can assist you in determining the best plan for your needs.
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